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Ours is a Sweet Salt. Cervia Sweet Salt is our brand, that which identifies us, but also our product. The history behind both of these is made up of hard work, ideas, and a community that over the decades has managed to unite around its most precious asset—salt—because it represents its identity.

Cervia salt is a whole sea salt. Sea salt, because its origin is sea water, which is brought into the salt pan by the tributary canal, and then evaporated and concentrated until the salt is produced. Whole because, once collected, it is exclusively washed with water containing a high concentration of salt, very rich in trace elements and substances that are naturally beneficial to the organism, then left to dry in yards, in the piles of salt that can be seen when arriving in Cervia from all directions. Cervia Sweet Salt is not crushed or ground. It contains no antiplatelets, no bleaching agents, and is not kiln dried. This is why it retains its characteristic humidity and natural colour, a guarantee of healthiness and naturalnes

The salt is sweet because of geographical, historical, climatic and chemical reasons. The position of the salt pan, the most northerly in Italy, the characteristics of the basins and the Adriatic Sea, mean that the salt obtained is made up of pure sodium chloride, with a low, almost non-existent presence of other more bitter chlorides, such as magnesium sulphate, calcium, potassium and magnesium chloride. In addition, the decision not to artificially dry or chemically bleach the salt leaves it whole and highly soluble. Cervia sweet salt retains the humidity that comes from its journey through the basins and also its typical colour, which is not white, but rather has all the pink and grey tones that come from its production and historical background. Therefore it is a sweet and whole salt, which retains the characteristics of healthiness that are fundamental for life. Indeed, Cervia sweet salt is rich in trace elements present in the salt pan “mother” water (and used in the wellness line) such as iodine, zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium.

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