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Environmental protection

The company’s purpose is to manage the environmental, cultural and leisure time activities for tourism and ecological purposes of the entire Cervia Salt Pan and the surrounding area. To this end, it aims to promote, develop and implement services for tourists, including information, accommodation and hospitality. Article 4 of the Statute reads: “The company's purpose is to carry out tourist, economic, environmental, ecological, cultural and leisure development activities in the entire area of the Cervia salt pan and, if necessary, in the area surrounding the salt pan. To this end, the company aims to promote, develop and provide services for tourists, including information, accommodation and hospitality. In relation to this purpose, the company, on its own or as an intermediary, may carry out any commercial, industrial, movable and immovable operations and perform, without any restriction, anything necessary and useful to further the achievement of the corporate purpose, both in Italy and abroad. It may also request funding, loans, advances and credit facilities from banks, financial companies and special credit institutions, grant sureties and guarantees, including in favour of third parties, and directly or indirectly acquire, either in Italy or abroad, interests, quotas and shareholdings, including equity interests, in other companies and enterprises with purposes similar or connected to its own or which carry out activities that are in any case complementary or integrative to those of the Company”. The mission of the Parco della Salina company is therefore not primarily that of producing salt, but that of safeguarding the environmental ecosystem and enhancing the entire area, from an environmental and naturalistic point of view, but also from a tourist and commercial standpoint. To this end, it must do whatever it takes to maintain the salt ecosystem, including, of course, the production and collection of salt. 

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