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Cervia Sweet Salt is unique in the world. Its organoleptic characteristics make it a 'sweet' salt, because it is devoid of bitter chlorides. This is due both to the environmental conditions in which it matures and to human activity, which has steered nature over the years to produce a salt with these characteristics. Cervia salt is a whole sea salt. 

We could not live without salt, but too much salt is unhealthy. For this reason, following the indications of the WHO, the Cervia Salt Pan has created a range of aromatic salts, which combine the quality and goodness of Cervia Sweet Salt with the olfactory qualities of fresh herbs, many of which are produced directly in the salt pan. This idea gave rise to five aromatic salts that can be used in the kitchen, depending on the flavour and effect you wish to achieve.  

Cervia salt pan’s range of aromatic salts has considerably expanded over the years. Today, together with the “Great Classics”, a range of gourmet aromatic salts is also available, developed with the support of prestigious chefs.

This “block” of Cervia Sweet Salt is ideal for cooking both hot and cold dishes. The food is cooked naturally, without the addition of any fat. Furthermore, the flavour will be perfectly balanced since you will get all the salt you need from the block. A simple, yet revolutionary concept. These salt blocks come in two versions: a single portion (ten by ten centimetres) and a double portion (ten by twenty). It is a few centimetres high, enough to maintain the heat. It is also very easy to use and similar to a soapstone. It should be heated to 220° in the oven and left to warm for at least twenty minutes, then it can be served and any dish ranging from fish, meat, vegetables and eggs can be cooked on this block, leaving your guests mesmerised.  Food is cooked naturally and without the addition of any fat.
The wellness line, absolutely natural and paraben-free, consists of ten products. The osmotic properties of salt are the foundation of the new organic body product line "Cervia Benessere" containing Cervia Sweet Salt.
Soaps and Shampoos
Our brand-new skincare line harnesses the natural properties of whole sea salt.
Cervia Sweet Salt is a great ingredient when it comes to preserving and enhancing the taste of food. Over the years, we have partnered up with top-quality and certified producers to create a wide range of curated products carrying the Cervia Sweet Salt brand—a brand that is synonymous with high quality. From conception to consumption nothing but love and care goes into these products, which go through strict quality control procedures before reaching the end consumer. 
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